Photographer: Maria Karpova

LET'S ESCAPE. There are days where you just need to 'escape' from the all crazyness in the world and the best way to do this by saving a ton of money is going for a run or walk. I decided to get my mind off everything and walking in Hyde Park is always so refreshing. 

While I was there I bumped into a few beautiful friends, some white geese and some pigeons. There is just something so graceful about geese swimming across the lake. I feel like, us humans are similar to geese - we swim so gracefully, smoothly and beautifully on the surface but under the water we paddling so fast. In other words, things might seem like they okay but deep down you know are not okay. Similar, to these beautiful pictures taken by Maria Karporva. Even though, I was wearing such a beautiful, warm MIU MIU parker coat and Tiger Of Sweden white jumper my fingers and face were freezing, perhaps I should have worn gloves? but I think my hands were pretty happy wrapped around the Louis Vuitton Bucket Damier bag. So no complaints, right?

Besides that, I truly encourage people to find ways to release. We are only human and yes, sometimes we need a breather. So why not take a long walk and enjoy the presence of beautiful nature the world has to offer, maybe it could help.

What outfits do you best feel relaxed in and How do you escape from all the stress for a moment?



Top - Tiger of Sweden

Leggings - Burberry

Coat - Miu Miu

Gold Ring - ASOS

Bag x Bag Charm - Louis Vuitton