I never realised how excessive travelling can have an impact on your skin and body physically until I travelled excessively this year. I noticed a lot of changes to my body and skin and I still find it weird to this day. So I have done short trips and long haul flights too and I started to read a few articles about what effects flying has on your body. 


One of the things I first started noticing was bloating, after every single flight I have taken this year (whether it be short or long haul flight) I became bloated. The reason this happens is because the cabin pressure at altitude can cause the gas in your stomach to expand so hence you could end up farting, feeling bloated or just really really uncomfortable. Some of the things that have helped me feeling less bloated was avoiding fizzy drinks, drink loads of water or herbal teas like green tea or mint tea - my favourite is both of them combined, mint green tea. I always find this helps loads and reduces the uncomfortable bloated feeling quiet a bit. 


The second thing I noticed quiet a lot this year which still effects me today is puffiness and swelling. Most recently, I have noticed that when it’s the time of the month I usually swell up in my hands, feet and wait for it… FACE! Yes I know. FACE. But I also have experienced a lot of puffiness in my face when I wake up tired or a few days after flying. So there is a reason why this happens and there are a few remedies that help reduce these issues. Firstly, the puffiness or swelling could be because there is a lack of blood circulation due to lack of movement especially on long flights. 

It’s important to keep moving, by taking a walk every hour or so to keep the blood circulation moving otherwise, it could put some travellers at risk for DVT - Deep vein thrombosis or a blood clotting which forms in a vein in a your leg. If you have serious symptoms like cramping, redness or purple discolouration or difficulty walking please consult a GP

However, a great product that has helped reduce the puffiness in my face, especially around my eyes is SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex. This skin remedy helps alleviate not only puffiness but dark circles. I usually will use this twice a day (the morning and evening) on days where my skin feels super puffy. 

Another great remedy, is getting a swedish massage or Lymphatic Drainage massage, amongst many other advantages can promote blood circulation, improve organ function, reduce the buildup of fluids in the body, improve sleep. I have done this once after excessive swelling from a long flight and it helped so much. I might have went slightly over board because I went for the Lymphatic Drainage massage then went for a normal massage after but honestly it helped so much and the swelling reduced quiet a lot. However, if you have any health conditions or concerns please consult a GP before getting these procedures done. 

Places to try: Lightsculpt and Saxon in South Africa or Triyoga in UK which have loads of relaxation and muscle therapy massages.


Wow skin breakouts are the worst and they always happen at the most inconvenient times like just before an important event. So apparently the skin breakouts could be caused to the difference in your routine whether it be eating or just the stressful routine of travel which could be a shock to your system. I always try to keep a balance in skincare whilst I travel so I always buy or use travel / sample size of the skincare products I use at home. However, I usually get a lot of breakouts after flying the best cure this are two things:

The Body Shop’s tea tree oil - it’s also small so it’s great to travel with. I usually wash my face, use a toner and moisturise then pat The Body Shop’s tea tree oil on my pimples and leave it to dry and re-apply before bed again or when I was my face again. Another product, I have found that is great for breakouts is Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum, I used this when my skin was bugging out for a really long time and it improved the appearance of discolouration and improved my skin’s texture. 

Also, getting back on a healthy eating routine, drinking loads of water and not touching your face with your hands whilst travelling helps prevent breakouts a lot.

Apparently, your skin can also be effected to the pillows you sleep on at hotels as your skin may react differently to how the pillows might get washed the same way you do at home. SLIP SILK pillow cases are great to travel with because not only can you wash it at home but it is 100% silk which is supposed to prevent your skin from getting harshly damaged by the pillow.


Another product that works and has really improved my skin when it feels tired and dehydrated is Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask. I’ve been using it for a couple of Months and take it with me on all my travels. What I love about the product is that it targets many things that your skin goes through when it’s tired and dehydrated from travelling. It has just enough moisture and somehow reduces puffiness a bit as well. I love this product and Cult Beauty ship worldwide.

Lastly, the two last two products I never ever travel without is the La Mer Renewal Oil and La Mer The Mist. I tend to get very dry during long flights so the mist is a great to way to boost hydration into my skin throughout the flight. The renewal oil does exactly that it moisturises and repairs your skin to make it feel and look lively again but make sure to only apply this when your skin is clean. I love to apply it just before bed so I wake up with skin feeling refreshened.