Finding that balance.

Location: Johannesburg

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

One of the things I think people always struggle with is finding balance - any area of their life, whether it is love, career, family or your own personal life. Finding the right balance can be hard. However, one of the greatest achievements is finding that perfect balance in your life. For me, balance has always been important, even though they are some areas in my life where balance is a lot more harder to achieve. I believe finding the right balance in your everyday routine really determines how things are going to turn out in your life.

One of the areas in my life where I have found my perfect balance is through my skincare. I have become sooo accustom to looking after my skin because I created that consistent balance. Every morning and night I never fail to look after my skin, no matter how tired I am but of course, the habit took ages to learn. The easiest thing to do to help create balance is using products that assist in making the routine easier. The La Mer Mist is the perfect product that harmonises balance in your skincare routine. I am always travelling or running errands for work, so I always feel like I need that little 'freshen' up skincare product. I love to use The Mist whilst travelling, especially on the plane before take-off and landing. I usually will spray the mist unto my face before landing because it gives such a refreshing feeling and revives tired eyes. I also enjoy using The Mist after my makeup application to set my makeup. Another time when this product comes handy is during intense weather conditions in the cold winter when your skin feels dry and needs moisture, additionally in the hot summer when your skin needs soothing, hydrating and energy. The Mist is great for that instant refresh, hydrate and rebalance of the skin. The Miracle Broth ingredient has this effect to the skin that gives it a plump and energised look. I love that this product is one of the products that help create balance easily especially when you're always on the go.

Balance is a process that takes getting used to. If you can create at least one routine in one area of your life, you'll find so much pleasure in reaping the benefits of having a balanced routine. x



La Mer The Mist: Available at Edgars in South Africa (here) // International (here) 

*Created in collaboration with La Mer