Photography: Layla Shaik

I’ve been getting so many questions about red lipstick, so I’ll be honest… I only wear a red lip once in a while if I am feeling a bit daring. However, it’s mainly because of the fact that red lips can sometimes be slightly intimidating and overbearing but I think worn in the right way it can always look sexy. So I’m sharing with you some of my favourite red lipsticks that you might love.

Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid LipColor by Violette : Poppy Sauvage

So this lip is the lipstick I am wearing in this photo - I loved this lip from day one and I am still obsessed with it. I got this from the Limited Edition collection from Estée Lauder X Violette collection last year. So it’s currently sold out in many places, but if you’re lucky you might still be able to it on the link above or here. If you’re based in South Africa and you really really want this lipstick, you can always use Aramex Global Shopper as mentioned in my previous blog post and get it shipped directly to you. Love that this lip is slightly daring, I usually wear it in the evenings because it gives all the sexy vibes. However, during the day with minimal makeup and a white outfit looks absolutely amazing! However, an alternative lip very close to this one is the Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid LipColor’s, they are so many matte’s to choose from.


So if you looking for something a little more Dior’y and luxe then this is your girl! I love how matte it looks and how smoothly it glides on. It is also one of those lips that you can control how much you want it to stand out on the lip. I love that it also has a matching lipliner which is honestly one of my favourite things after using a lipliner pencil - this is an ink pen. I know right? You don’t have to own a pencil sharpener any longer. But this overall is a great red lip I love.


I used this red lip for a while a couple of years ago. This is a lipstick, I absolutely loved the tone of this lip. However, I am a liquid lip kinda girl now but if you love a lipstick then this is your lippie.


One thing I love about Charlotte Tilbury is you can judge what the colour will look on you online - they have pictures of women with different skin tones which can be easier for you to judge whether that colour will look good on you. The brand is known for Hollywood lips and we all know Hollywood is about the glam and glitz, so with this lip it’s sexy red as well in a lipstick form. The tone - it is almost a universal colour that looks good on anyone.


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