One of the most important things is looking after my skin when I travel. I live by my mother’s saying “ you only have one skin and one face - So always take care of it”. The secret to good skin is routine and consistency, more so when travelling. I experience a lot of puffiness and pimples so I make sure I take care of my skin extra when travelling. I love Tea Tree gel washes for my face, to take care of my blemishes and pimples and it’s worked so well for years. I love a really great moisturiser so La Mer has been one of the investments for my skin. Always take an exfoliator to get rid of those dead skin cells and impurities you might pick whilst travelling. SPF is a must in all seasons, so Skin Ceuticals has me here amongst many more products. I’ve listed a whole bunch of products I use daily and are some of my ultimate favourites that I use once in a while.