You need to try...

So some of you might already know how much I love trying new products to see what works best for my skin and to get the best results. So I recently tried all these body scrubs / exfoliators for as a panel judge for skincare products. So I only thought it's right to share some of my favourite products with you from my personal opinion. 

The reason why I got into exfoliators and scrubs is because it is something I learnt from my mother. She always taught me that looking after your face skincare is just as important and looking after your body skincare. Exfoliators are really good for not only making your skin feel soft but it's great to a great way to remove dead skin cells, impurities, uneven skin tone or toning. It depends how you like your exfoliator, but I love exfoliators that are slightly hard and rough to remove skin bumps or dead skin cells but doesn't hurt but is gentle enough to keep your skin smooth. 

So my favourite one out of all of them was the Legology Exfo-lite Detoxifying Leg Scrub because the salts were hard enough to feel like its working but gentle enough to leave your skin really smooth. I loveeed how it felt whilst washing off because it has like a silky feeling once you apply water. I also saw this scrub nominated as one of the best on other top body exfoliators. 

Second on my list was the Origins Warm Down, Warming Lava Scrub - when I tell you this actually warms your skin on application, it does. I loved that warming feeling. I was really surprised but it was also really moisturising, the substance of the scrub feels like almost a lotion with little molecules. 

The Aēsop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub  was equally as moisturising but with a slight more scrubbing and exfoliating effect. Two of my friends have mentioned that this scrub is really good as they have used it for a long time. I love the packaging and when I tried this product I was impressed the scrub mainly because it's gel-based but also really cleans the dead surface away. One of the tips my friends gave me is to leave it in for few mins before washing it off and I've tried this technique with all the exfoliators. 

Some of you who have been following me for a while will know that I love The Body Shop products. I've been using their body butter for the last 10 years. Amazing right,? But I the body shop scrub is a great price friendly product but not just specifically this range but all their scrubs from their shop are good. They have a wide range of products and scrubs that will work best for any skin types or preferences. 

Last but not least, the Jo Malone Vitamine E Body Treatment Scrub - if you're a fan of what sugar scrubs feel like then I can reassure you that you will love this scrub. It not only feels good to the skin but if you rub and scrub the granules long enough of your skin then let some steam soak in after, you'll really feel a difference in the softness in your skin.