wake up - flawless. 


Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

So it's been a year since I started using La Mer skincare products and let's just say my skin has never felt healthier, happier and more beautiful. Discovering your own personal beauty ritual can often seem tedious and tiring especially if you don't know what products to use but I think it all comes down to finding your balance in what makes you feel beautiful...

The Skincolor Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation has a beautiful lightweight texture that blends so seamlessly, with enough coverage to make imperfections disappear. Creating the perfect makeup look for me, is all about having healthy looking skin. The last couple of weeks, I have been really trying to perfect my 'natural' makeup look where my pores look refined, my skin looks hydrated and has a healthy glow (yass darling!) especially during extreme weather changes.  

This is the first foundation that I've tried that combines beauty makeup and skincare in one bottle. When I first tried it, I was impressed by how beautifully it sits on your skin and doesn't feel heavy. BUT let's also not forget the foundation brush made in beauty heaven! This La Mer foundation brush is THE BEST foundation brush I have EVER used (jokes aside). It's so soft and it evenly blends the makeup out. I even travel with this brush when travelling, I've never met a brush like it. So I usually wear this foundation when I have long days and especially during flying long flights because of it's SPF, hydration and antioxidant ingredient that protects your skin whilst keeping your complexion looking flawless. The great thing about long flights is that I can wake up looking great with just a few touch ups, with my skin feeling or looking good. That's always the first step to finding the perfect flawless looking foundation...

P.S. Skincolor Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation is now available in new shades, click here to get your online Skincolor de La Mer foundation finder colour consultation. (How fab?) x



*Created in collaboration with La Mer