My current ultimate favourite beauty products

Hello lovelies! So I know I have been MIA for a while, but I literally have been so caught up in my studies, attending press events (when I was in South Africa). I’m in the last week of completing my degree so I literally have been eating, sleeping and breathing work. So I haven’t had the FULL time to blog and I feel so terrible for leaving you all in the dark but I’ll be back in action after my hand-in. 

With that being said, no matter how busy life might get I never neglect my beauty routine. So this post is dedicated to some of my favourite beauty products that I am loving right now. For those of you who know and follow me on snapchat will know that I love makeup and beauty products, so whilst I was in South Africa, I was blessed to be gifted with some lovely beauty products to try. 

My favourite product is the Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish, which basically like the fix plus spray from MAC. However, the difference is that the Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish feels sooooo much lighter on the skin, smells amazing, has aloe vera extract and cucumber extract. If you have never used either, I would really recommend you buying the Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish spray for a flawless make-up finish. So I spray this on my face after applying all my make-up but you can spray it before foundation too, to give an extra glow. 

Another reason why Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish is better is because if you suffer from acne then you’ll know that rosewater helps prevent all of that and fights eczema and dermatitis. So it not only hydrates your skin while your makeup is on but it keeps it healthily nourished. This product is essential for flawless looking make-up and healthy glowing skin. Also you can use this for the application of applying loose eyeshadow pigments, because it will keep it in place and boost the colour pigment (which I’ll show how that’s done in a YouTube tutorial in the near future). 

Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish is available to purchase online in South Africa and United Kingdom:

It comes in such a beautifully packaged box which smells heavenly, which you would’ve seen on my snapchat. Make sure to follow me, so you keep updated on the random recommendations I give on products. 

My next current favourite is the CATRICE Ultimate nail lacquer, in the colour '54 My APPricot'. The reason why I like it is because it's easy to apply and it dries a bit quicker. The other thing I love about it is the high-shine effect it has. If you're looking for something really natural then this is perfect colour to get. It's almost like a like a milky french (not on my nails but after 3 coats, the colour is close enough to the colour in this picture.) In South Africa, you can purchase it from Dischem.

For a favourite scent, Si from Giorgio Armani is what I am currently wearing right now. I love fresh fruity or flowery scents so this one is amazing. If you also a fan of light musky wood, flowery smelss then this is your bae. "Sì – The Modern and Elegant Chypre. Chic, sultry, intense and soft at the same time, Sì is a chypre scent reinvented, lingering on the skin and captivating the senses."

The Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish. Also if you might have seen this on my snapchat, this is the perfect alternative to a highlighting cream. I use this as a strobing cream for an extra glow and highlight on my cheek bone. However, I did use this once instead of foundation, alone and it looked amazing. I would recommend this for summer, especially if you're going to the beach, this alone will do your skin glow justice. 

And lastly, the Chanel Body Cream, which I bought for my mom but I was really impressed. I use bodybutter everyday because it keeps my skin very moisturised throughout the whole day, but when I used this cream I was amazed at how lovely it smelt and felt on my skin. If you are a fan of body butter then you'll love the texture of this cream. Light but thick, and nourishing. 

I hope you all give one of them a try because you won't regret it. :) 

That's it for now from me. See you all soon x