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You can't buy style but you can now definitely buy sass - close enough, right? So SASS is something personal and a lot more personal to ladies specifically. You must be thinking, what am I on about. I know but I'm about get down (literally) to business in this post. 

So before I get into all the nitty gritty, I want to introduce to you to SASS - my closest and most personal new friend. SASS is an intimate skincare brand for women. Now, I know you're slowly backing away from this uncomfortable topic but it really doesn't have to be uncomfortable because looking after your face and body is just as important as looking after your 'flower' (down there), if not more. I always used to feel uncomfortable buying intimate skincare from the stores, especially because it had that loud 'HI, I'M FEMININE HYGIENE' packaging, but SASS really does have sass-y packing (see what I did there? lol). On a serious note, Sass' packing is very discreet and no one would ever guess that it's for down there, so that's one more tick off the list. That was another reason why I loved their range of products - the packing. I find them to be very informative, trendy and perfect for any women to use without feeling awkward. So I'm going to try keep this short and to the point and explain who SASS is what they can do for you.

Sass has everything from finding chamois creams for women, washes to keep clean, to preventing ingrown hairs, using ordinary hygiene products (such as bath soap) that are not set at the natural vaginal pH can lead to imbalance and irritation. So sass solves all these problems because their range of products was created to provide pH balanced options for women to fit their lifestyle (sporty or ordinary) and to match the optimum natural vaginal pH.

Additionally, BV and thrush are very common conditions that some might women experience. So SASS ensures that the products use probiotic technology to promote the growth of good bacteria, while inhibiting microbes that can lead to thrush and BV. Plus, all their products are dermatologically tested and gynaecologist approved and doesn’t contain SLS or parabens.

And for all the animal lovers, SASS is not tested on animals. For more info on the products visit their website.




you can now get SASS, right down below (literally and figuratively, lol!).

- Love Kamo xoxo