SensatioNail UK

Location: London 

photographer: Maria Karpova

"A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying" - unknown

Well, say goodbye to being a 'helpless' woman and say hello to superwoman with dry nails from home. Lol! So if you are like me you will know that getting your nails done is a big part of a woman's life. I do my nails approximately two - three times a month so you can just imagine how costly it can actually get. It's the truth that maintaining a level of 'fleek-ness' is expensive but SensatioNail UK has a solution for you. I enjoy changing my nail colour on a regular and sometimes going to a nail bar can be so time consuming and inconvenient to get a booking. If you are a picky lady and enjoy doing your nails yourself or you just have no time going to a nail bar all the time then SensatioNail gel kit is for you. 

SensatioNail is developed by Nailene - the masters in artificial and natural nail beauty. When I discovered SensatioNail at the #BloggersHangout London Fashion Week Beauty Bar I instantly fell in love because I am a big gel-ie. I am always on a roll so having gel nails are quick, easy and glossier. SensatioNail is a world-class home manicure gel set that gives you a fab salon quality finish, at a fraction of the prince. (BINGO!) The gel nail polish, dries instantly after 60 seconds under the LED technology gel light. (YES!) The one thing I really loved about this product is the fact that it lasted for more than two weeks and the high-gloss was still very visible. I also really loved this colour, called PINK CHIFFON so girly and almost a natural nude or blush tone, in a way. Plus, you can get this exact colour in their Deluxe Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to get started :

The boxed Pink Chiffon Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit contains (this is the product displayed in this blog post):

  • 1 x Pink Chiffon gel nail polish 3.69ml
  • Gel primer 3.54ml
  • Base/topcoat 3.69ml
  • Gel cleanser 14.6ml
  • 12 x lint free wipes
  • Double-sided nail buffer
  • Manicure stick
  • Pro 3060 LED nail lamp (Power 7W +/- 10%)
  • How-to Booklet

ALL of this comes in the Deluxe Starter Kit, plus a free extra polish (with this pink chiffon starter kit set) - if you get it now on special.

However, if you prefer extra goodies which comes with all a removal tool bag and removal tools then you should get the Super Deluxe Starter Kit  where you can choose your own colours as well.

So if you are in another country, and really want this products, you get it at participating stores like BOOTS, who ship internationally to certain countries.