Pink-spiration - SPRING is here and I have decided to do a beauty feature with all my beauty/ skincare products that are pink. Now, these are current favourites and I have recommended them to a few of my friends and majority of them took my advice. So, I'm pretty sure that what I recommend you will love too. So definitely try the products out and let me know what your thoughts are. 


Now a lot people who might not know me, won't know how much I love The Body Shop products. You can clearly see that apart from the parfum everything else is from The Body Shop. The first time, I started using The Body Shop products is when, my mom bought home lots of new goodies. She used to use the Body Butter all the time and I always used to think 'what is so amazing about this body cream' but when I first tried it! OH BOY! I NEVER went back to ordinary cream. It's so thick yet it rubs in so smoothly and it doesn't feel too heavy or oily on your skin. The best thing is that there are SOOOO MANY flavours to choose from which makes it a little spontaneous, you can try a different flavour every once in a while - great, right? I recently tried the Vitamin E range because I needed that extra vitamin dose during the past winter and of course, it never failed me. It made such a difference, not only did my skin feel a lot more healthier but it felt a lot more smoother, softer and so amazing.


With that being said, the Vitamin E Moisture Face Cream did the same for my face. I don't enjoy wearing face creams that are too heavy or too light so this face cream was just in between and I never get tired of it. However, the scent of the face cream is an extra bonus! 

Every lady needs a cream in her handbag, have you tried The Body Shop's hand creams? My favourite hand cream flavour is the almond one, but I can defiantly say that, that cream is for those with an acquired taste. But the wild rose is loved but quite a lot of people. Why? The scent and the feeling of the cream. The one thing I love about Body Shop products is that they never feel too heavy, oily or too light. They have perfect combination of cream to satisfy your skin for the whole day.


So my very first scent love at the moment, is this ELIE SAAB parfum I got as a gift from someone very special and I am absolutely in love. Now I am a lady who sticks to one parfum and never changes it, but I must definitely say that this is my new old time favourite. This orange blossom rosy scent gets to me very time. I really love sweet, feminine scents so I definitely recommend you to try it out. Besides the scent the bottle itself has femininity written all over it. You feel like such a lady just spraying such a beautiful parfum on you.


Bathroom Beauties - now these are three things in my bathroom right now. They are amongst some of my favourite products mentioned before. If you looking for just a good shower gel, that you can use when you pamper yourself once in a while then definitely try The Body Shop one, feels so good and if you're looking for a beautiful scent to go with that try their eau de toilette spray. I spray it around the house all the time, just to refreshen the area and I can never get enough of it.


Well, now you know a few of my favourites and I really hope that you try some of these products and do let me know what you think. There are so many different flavours to try from. They are all good for your skin and they don't do animal testing so for all those animal lovers, Body Shop is your brand. xx