DAY 12


of the twelve days of Christmas.

To end this with a bang, today we have TWO gifts! (male and female)


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L'envol de Cartier

So this fragrance is the masculine pillar for Cartier. However, I wear this fragrance day in and day out. It's one of the most beautiful men's fragrance I've ever smelt. It has such an uplifting scent filled with a woody nectar yet still is pure and airy. Even though it is a men's fragrance it's soft enough to be a beautiful unisex perfume. Additionally, the glass bottle and packaging for this fragrance makes it even better to gift!   

Cartier La Panthère.jpg

La Panthère de Cartier

This perfume is the feminine pillar of Cartier's fragrances. The panther is the symbol of femininity which Cartier believes to be 'divine, exquisite and rebellious'. This perfume is filled a floral, yet feral scent. The gentle hints of musk evoke such a beautiful and rebellious personality of the panther. If you're looking for a feminine perfume that seduces with her wit and liberty, this will be your girl. 


On the last day of Christmas, 

We are giving away two perfumes - one for a male and one for a female. 

To stand a chance to win, 

Tag the person would you love to share this moment with on this Instagram picture (here), make sure you're both following me as well! 

Cartier fragrances available at various Woolworths and Edgars stores in South Africa.

For international, please shop below: